Code Compliance


Code Compliance is responsible for addressing nuisance and property standard violations to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the community. These violations include high weeds and grass, trash and debris, and illegal dumping. The main goal of enforcement is to resolve violations to reduce neighborhood deterioration and ensure property values.

The Code Compliance Process

  • Our Code Department typically follows up on reports of potential code violations within 24 hours of receiving them
  • The person who reported the potential code violation remains anonymous throughout the Code process
  • Unless additional information is required, the person who reported the potential code violation is not contacted by our Code Department. Code issues are between the individual with the code violation and the City
  • If the investigation reveals a code violation, contact is made with the individual responsible for the violation and they are given a set amount of time (10 days for most common violations) to bring the issue into compliance or contact our Code department about the issue
  • Code employees will attempt to work with those with code issues and can grant time extensions to those who are making reasonable efforts to correct their code violations
  • If a code violation is not corrected within the agreed upon time the issue is escalated and citations can be issued
  • Please note, during the entire process it may appear that nothing is being done about the code violation but the Code Compliance process has been underway the entire time. Code cases can take weeks and even months to close due to the processes in place that must be followed and the circumstances that may arise during the handling of the case

Code Enforcement Officers

The Code Enforcement Officers responsibilities include:

  • Conduct surveys
  • Investigate complaints concerning:
    • Accumulation of trash and debris
    • Dangerous buildings
    • Excessively high grass and weeds
    • Illegal dumping
    • Non-operational vehicles
    • Substandard structures
    • Various other general nuisance-related violations
  • Prepare detailed reports and correspondence related to code enforcement inspections, violations, and other activities
  • Prepare required documentation for legal actions
  • Take photographs of and gather all pertinent facts associated with possible code violations

City Ordinances

Often the best way to solve a problem is to become a part of the solution. You can help make White Settlement a cleaner, safer community by keeping your property clean and in compliance with city ordinances. Most people want to comply with the laws of the community where they live, but some are not aware of city ordinances. Sometimes people violate city codes because they don’t realize that what they are doing is unacceptable. You can search and read our City ordinances HERE.