NOTE: Paying your fine online results in a final conviction in your case (unless deferred or defensive driving option is chosen).

*The fine schedule is not an indication of what you owe. If you have received a citation, you do not owe anything at this time. Defendants that do not wish to appear in court may choose to send in the amount from the schedule with the knowledge that it is an amount acceptable by the court.

*If you enter a plea in open court, the judge must assess your ability to pay at the time of sentencing.

*If you have an inability to pay a judgment in full, the judge may provide you with an alternative means of discharge such as a payment schedule or community service. 


You may request a dismissal of the following citations for an administrative fee if eligible. 

  • Failed to display driver's license
  • Operating vehicle with defective required equipment (or in unsafe condition)
  • Failure to maintain financial responsibility (no insurance)
  • Expired registration

Contact the court for more information on dismissals and to see if you are eligible.

Method of Payment

Methods of payment include:

  • Cash
  • Cashier Check
  • Credit Card
  • Money order
  • Personal Checks (only on non-warrant fines)

Online Payment

Pay your fines online by using the following option.