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Chief of Police Christopher Cook established a faith-based coalition of clergy in 2022 to serve on WSPD's Pastor's Coalition. Participants meet every other month to discuss community issues, share ways to collaborate together to make the city better, and identify citizen needs and how the faith-based community can assist with those needs. 

This program consists of clergy from all faiths and denominations who partner with the department. This coalition of clergy assists with providing the following services to the department and community:

  • Supporting the department's Chaplaincy program and being available for death and emergency notifications
  • Provide a voice of calmness during crisis situations to reduce the potential for emotional escalation that can lead to violence
  • Relay factual information about police incidents to their communities
  • Provide resources and tools to assist community members in need
  • Share faith-based community events and participate in city events
  • Support the Chief of Police by keeping an ongoing line of communication with the department

Interested in joining our Pastor's Coalition?

Faith-based organizations are welcome to attend our next meeting. Please email Chief Cook to receive the date, time, and location.

Pastor's Coalition Program Coordinator

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Chief of Police

Christopher Cook