Waste Collection Services

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To find out your trash and recycling cart pickup day, CLICK HERE for the interactive route map or consult the picture below.

City of White Settlement trash day map

Trash carts are picked up once per week. Carts can be placed out either on the street against your curb or along your curb line with wheels facing the house no earlier than 7 pm the night before pickup and no later than 7 am the morning of pickup. Carts must have at least 3 feet of space on each side. Carts must be returned behind the front build line of your home by 7 am the day following your pickup. Please make reasonable efforts to store your carts out of sight, but at a minimum they must be behind the front build line of your structure. Trash in your trash cart should be bagged, not loose. 

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Recycling carts are picked up once per week on the same day as your trash cart. Recycling cart placement regulations are the same as those listed above for trash carts. Recyclables in your recycling cart should be loose, not bagged. Please rinse cans, bottles, and containers and make sure they do not contain food waste before adding them to your recycling cart. 

Recyclable materials accepted are: Cardboard · Boxboard (Beverage Boxes, Frozen Food Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Milk Containers) · Newspaper · Junk Mail, Envelopes, Magazines, Brochures, File Folders · Plastic Containers identified with #1 , #2, #3 , #5 , #7 · Glass bottles and jars colored Amber, Clear, Green · Aluminum Beverage Cans · Steel and Tin Food Cans.

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Curbside bulk pickup will take place every other month. Bulk piles can be 7 cubic yards in size, or about 8 feet long, 6 feet deep, and 4 feet tall. For reference, your new trash carts are about 1 cubic yard in size, meaning an acceptable bulk pile would be about 7 carts large. The placement period for curbside bulk is the weekend prior to your bulk pickup week and should be placed along your front yard curb line away from obstructions like mailboxes, fences, trees, or parked vehicles. 

Bulk piles can contain limbs or bundles of limbs that are cut to 3 feet in length, brush, yard waste, furniture, appliances without refrigerant, and debris from small home improvement projects. 

Bulk piles cannot contain tires, household hazardous waste, electronics, garbage, construction debris, batteries, medical waste, gasoline, and car parts. 

If you’ve got extra bulk, there are some great options for you. The monthly Community Clean Up events will continue, providing a great opportunity each month to drop off your bulk items. You can also contact Frontier Waste Solutions directly to request an additional bulk pickup for just $15 per cubic yard. 

To find out your bulk pickup week, CLICK HERE for the interactive route map or consult the picture below.

City of White Settlement bulk day map

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