Uniformed Services/Patrol

The White Settlement Police Department provides twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week coverage to the City consisting of five square miles.


The Patrol Division is led by Lieutenant Roger Yount and consists of 21 full-time officers (three Sergeants, three Senior Corporals, four Corporals and 11 officers.) The Patrol Division also has four Reserve Police Officers who can help supplement when needed.

Patrol car with lights flashing at night


All members of the patrol division are highly trained officers capable of responding to a variety of incidents. Officers are responsible for answering all calls for service and enforcing all local, state and federal laws. Patrol officers also conduct all primary investigations concerning crimes or complaints.

Special Training

The Patrol Division has officers specially trained in accident investigation, traffic enforcement, crisis negotiations and SWAT operations.


White Settlement Police patrol vehicles are equipped with audio and video equipment, radar, mobile data computers, and other equipment needed for their duties.