City Manager

The Mission of the City Manager is to provide centralized leadership and direction for the effective administration of all City Services as directed by the City Council by:

  • Assure Management is capable and strong
  • Conduct City operations in an efficient and effective manner to maintain the ethical foundation of the organization
  • Effectively execute City Council policies, programs and directives
  • Establish and maintain a credible management process
  • Provide quality professional customer service to citizens and businesses
  • Respond promptly to inquiries and requests
  • Set realistic expectations regarding service to continuously improve performance

About the City Manager's Office

The purpose of the City Manager's Office is to implement policy/directions, as issued by the Mayor and City Council, in the most equitable and effective manner. The Office seeks to provide professional management guidance to the organization of the City, City Council, and citizens in accordance with City Charter and State guidelines. 


The City Manager's Office includes the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and Administrative Assistant. Continually working with the City's other departments, staff members must have both a broad conceptual understanding as well as a detailed grasp of specific City operations and service delivery strategies.

Administrative Branch

The City Manager's office is the legislatively-appointed administrative branch of the White Settlement city government. Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the City, the City Manager and Assistant City Manager are responsible for many areas of service, including supervising each Departmental Director, serving as the chief advisor to the City Council, entering the City into service and supply contracts, and disbursing funds from the City budget.

Coordination & Cooperation

Through the promotion of teamwork and employee development, the City Manager is responsible for coordinating the cumulative efforts of the other City departments. This coordination serves the purposes of enhancing productivity and maximum utilization of City resources.