New Trash Service FAQ

Since the announcement of the new waste collection contract we’ve received manyfrontier waste solutions logo questions from our residents. Each week we’ll be answering more of these questions and sharing those answers with you.


What do I do if I’m not physically able to get my cart to and from the curb?
Frontier Waste Solutions offers an “assisted side cart” service for those who are medically unable to get their cart to and from the curb. When a Frontier driver comes to a house with this service, they will disembark the truck, get the cart from the side of the house, empty it into the truck, then replace the cart. Details on how to sign up for this service and the requirements will be provided as soon as they are available.

When does Frontier Waste Solutions take over as the new waste collection provider?
May 1st, 2023.

Do I have to get a trash cart?
Yes, the only way to have waste collection service under the new contract is to have a Frontier Waste Solutions trash cart. These are the only carts that are compatible with the trucks that will be picking up the trash. 

Will people who live in apartments have a trash cart?
No, if you live in an apartment you will not have individual trash carts. You will continue to follow the same trash policy that you are currently following at the direction of your apartment property management. 

Can I place lawn/leaf bags out alongside my cart?
No, lawn bags cannot be placed alongside your trash cart. Lawn clippings, leaves, and other yard related waste can be disposed of in two ways. The first option is with your bulk pickup. Lawn bags or clear plastic bags full of lawn clippings, leaves, and other yard related waste will be picked up with your bulk. Another option is to put your lawn clippings and leaves in your trash cart along with your weekly trash. Do not place lawn clippings and leaves in your recycling cart, as this type of material is not accepted at the recycling processing facility. Please note, it’s always best to mulch your lawn clippings and leaves and reuse them in your yard. Most mowers have a side discharge or mulch plate that will return the mulched grass directly to your lawn. This helps feed your soil nutrients and keeps lawn clippings from unnecessarily ending up in landfills.

Does Frontier have enough trucks and staff to effectively serve White Settlement?
Yes, Frontier is prepared to fully and effectively serve White Settlement. As part of their preparations, Frontier has ordered new trucks and equipment and is hiring and training new staff, all of which will be assigned to serve White Settlement. This is in addition to some of the experienced staff and leadership who are being assigned to this area. This will give Frontier a full complement of equipment and staff members that are focused directly on making sure that White Settlement receives top notch waste collection services week in and week out.

How many trucks does Frontier have in their fleet?
Frontier Waste Solutions has over 200 collection vehicles in their Texas fleet. They will have 3 trash trucks, 2 recycling trucks, and 2 brush/bulk trucks assigned to serve White Settlement.

What day will my recycling cart get picked up?
Trash and recycling pick up will run on the same day, so you’ll put your trash and recycle cart out at the same time. Service routes are still being finalized and information on your new pickup day will be posted as soon as it’s available.

Does Frontier Waste Solutions pick up trash on holidays?
Frontier Waste Solutions will make regular collections on every holiday except for Thanksgiving Day (November 23rd) and Christmas Day (December 25th) and New Years Day (January 1st). In these instances, all service days for the week will be delayed by one day. For example, this year Christmas Day falls on Monday, December 25th. There will be no trash/recycling pick up that day. Those who normally have service on Mondays will be picked up on Tuesday. Those with Tuesday service will be picked up on Wednesday, Wednesday pickup will slide to Thursday, Thursday pickup to Friday, and finally, those with Friday pickup will receive service on Saturday. The week following a holiday, all service will return to the regularly scheduled days. As these holidays approach each year, be on the lookout for reminders from the City about these holiday pickup schedules.

How does Frontier Waste Solutions handle pickup when winter weather events occur?
During times of extreme weather, Frontier Waste Solutions works to deliver as much service to the community as possible while still prioritizing safety. As evidenced in their response to the winter weather in nearby cities in February of 2023, Frontier gets their trucks back on the road as quickly as they safely can. One of the advantages of having a fleet of collection vehicles committed to White Settlement specifically (3 trash trucks, 2 recycling trucks, and 2 brush/bulk trucks) is that Frontier can run multiple trucks a day after a weather event to get caught up on service.

What common obstructions/issues will cause me to be skipped by the trash/recycling truck?
Frontier Waste Solutions trucks utilize an extending arm to grab your carts and empty them. That means that your carts need to be clear of any obstructions such as parked cars and mailboxes. Make sure that each of your carts has a few feet of clearance on each side and are clear of any obstructions in front of them so the truck has no issues grabbing them. Also, be sure that your carts are facing the correct direction. Backwards carts cannot be picked up and will cause you to be skipped.

Can I still park on the street in front of my house on trash pickup days?
The answer depends on how much space this will leave for your carts. Trash and recycle carts require at least 3 feet of clearance on all sides. If you have a larger front yard, you may be able to park a car on the street and still leave adequate space for the trash truck to service your carts. However, in many cases it will be necessary to park in your driveway on your trash pickup day to make sure you receive service.

What hours will Frontier be picking up trash and recycling?
Frontier trucks will begin pickup no earlier than 7 am and will cease operations for the day at 6 pm. These hours may be extended or changed under special circumstances.

Who do I contact if my service is missed?
Service related issues should be communicated directly to Frontier Waste Solutions. Their customer service number is (888)854-2905 or you can reach them through the Frontier Waste Solutions mobile app.

How do I sign up for the “side door collection” service?
This service is for qualified residents who are not physically able to get their trash and recycling carts to the curb. You can download the application for this service at

When am I expected to wheel my carts back up to the house?
Depending on your schedule, a great time to remove the carts from the curb is when you return home from work on your service day. The latest time that carts can be removed from the curb is 7:00 am the morning after your service day.

What day will my trash and recycling be picked up?
The trash/recycling route maps and bulk pickup route maps are both available at The paperwork that will be attached to your cart will also feature a calendar of your bulk pickup dates for the first year of service.

The paperwork with my cart said a pickup day that doesn’t match up with the route map. Which one is correct? 
If you have any questions or uncertainty about your trash/recycling pickup day, always defer to the route maps available at for your pickup day. These maps show the correct zones and can be used to discover your correct pickup day.


Can I continue to use the trash cans/carts that I’ve bought myself and have been using?
No, any existing trash cans/carts you may have will not be compatible with Frontier’s collection system. Official Frontier Waste Solutions trash carts will be delivered to you prior to the start of the new service. These are the only carts that you’ll be able to use for trash pickup and curbside recycling.

What size and capacity is the trash and recycling cart?
Trash carts are 95 gallon capacity. This is large enough to hold six fully filled standard sized trash bags. Recycling carts are 65 gallon capacity. This is large enough to hold the equivalent of up to four fully filled standard sized trash bags.

What are the advantages of trash carts?
A single 95 gallon cart holds up to six trash bags and is sturdy enough to keep out wildlife and the elements, keeping less loose trash on the streets and improving the overall aesthetic of the city. The cart technology is also specially designed to be easily picked up and emptied into the trash truck by an extending arm, creating a safer trash collection style and reducing the amount of time and manpower needed to complete trash collection.

How much does the trash cart cost me?
There is no separate charge for your trash cart. The cost of your trash cart is included in your overall trash service charge on your utility bill. 

How much does it cost to get an extra trash cart?
Frontier charges $7 per month for each additional trash cart.

Can I trade my recycling cart for an extra trash cart?
No, you cannot trade the recycling cart for an extra trash cart. If you need additional trash carts, Frontier charges $7 per month for each additional trash cart.

When will I receive my trash and recycling carts? 
Frontier Waste Solutions has informed the city that the current plan is for carts to be delivered to homes the week of April 17th. We’ll release reminders and more information as that date gets closer. 

What do I do with the old trash cans/carts that I have? 
Under the new waste services contract, the only carts that can be used with the Frontier Waste trucks are the official carts they'll deliver to you. There are many good alternative uses for old carts/cans. They can be used as a planter, for composting, and utilizing them as storage is also an option.

What color are the carts?
The trash cart is green with a green lid. The recycling cart is blue with a yellow lid, making it easy to differentiate between the two.

Can I put loose trash into my cart or does everything in it need to be bagged?
Trash going into your cart should always be bagged. Loose trash can fly out when the cart is being emptied, spilling litter onto the street and into your yard.

Where do I place my carts for pickup?
Your trash carts need to be placed in a spot where the mechanical arm of the side loading trash truck can successfully pick them up, empty them, and return them. The ideal spot for carts is on the street with the cart wheels against your front curb line. Alternatively, if you have a flat yard you can place your carts in the yard right up against the curb line with the wheels facing the house. No matter the positioning, be sure to leave at least 3 feet of space between the carts and any other objects or obstructions.

Where am I expected to keep my carts between pickup days? 
Between your service days, residents should make reasonable efforts to store carts out of public view. This can be done by putting the carts in your garage, behind screening on the property, or in an area where the carts are not visible from the street. At a minimum, containers must be kept behind the front building line of the property, which means the side or back of the house.

When do I wheel my carts to the curb?
The timing for when to place your carts at the curb is the same as the current time to place your trash at the curb. Carts can be placed out no earlier than 7 pm on the day before your trash pickup day and no later than 7 am on your trash pickup day.

Do I need to write my name or address on the trash/recycling carts?
No, please do not mark on or write on the carts. Each cart has a unique barcode/serial number that is connected to your address. With this serial number, it’s simple for Frontier Waste Solutions to know who a cart belongs to and what address it should be at.

How do I request more carts and/or changes to my cart service? 
We have created a cart management form to handle these requests. Please note, more options will be added to this form once the service goes live on May 1st. Currently the form can be used to request more trash and/or recycling carts.

Do I have to be home when Frontier delivers my carts?
No, there is no need for you to be home to receive your carts. Cart delivery will begin on April 12th and will take up to 10 days. Frontier will deliver one 95 gallon trash cart and one 65 gallon recycling cart to each property with an active water account.

Can I put my cart on the street if I live on a busy road?
Unfortunately, there are some streets that are so busy that having carts on the street for pickup would create safety and traffic concerns. Therefore there are a number of major thoroughfares that will not be able to place carts on the street. The list of streets that currently qualify as major thoroughfares are Silver Creek Rd, Bomber Rd, Dale Lane, Western Hills Blvd, White Settlement Rd, Clifford, Las Vegas Trail, Cherry Lane, and any highway frontage roads. If you live on one of these streets, place your carts in your yard along your front curb line for service.

What happens if my cart gets damaged or stolen?
Carts can be reported as damaged or stolen by utilizing the cart management form at Once reported, Frontier will arrange to deliver a replacement cart. Please note, if carts are damaged through personal negligence it will cost $65 for a replacement cart.

What should I do if I still haven’t received my carts?
Frontier wrapped up the first round of cart delivery this week and will soon be transitioning into addressing homes that were missed. Particularly, there are some duplexes/quadplexes and apartment areas that are being addressed. If you currently utilize curbside trash service and have not received your carts yet please email with your address and contact info so we can get the information to Frontier Waste Solutions. Alternatively, you can call (817)246-4971 and select option 1 to speak to someone and report that you haven’t received your carts. Please note, if you’re already reported that you haven’t received carts yet there is no need to report it again. 

Is it possible to order a smaller cart?
We understand that for some households, a 95 gallon trash cart may be a large amount of space for trash. However, at this time this is the only size trash cart that is available for use.

Can I give back my extra cart if I no longer need it? 
Yes, by utilizing the cart management form at you can return any additional carts that you’ve ordered. Please note, it may take up to 10 business days for Frontier to collect your old carts.


Why did we change service providers?
Many factors contributed to the selection of a new waste collection service provider. The City had been with the same provider since 2008. With service concerns being raised by commercial, residential, and bulk service users in the City and with the contract coming to an end, the decision was made to open up the contract to bids from all companies to see what other options existed. With rising costs across the industry, expectations were that a cost increase was inevitable with the new contract. Among those companies who bid on the contract, Frontier Waste Solution was the cheapest bid that provided the best value. Their service style options also most closely matched those that were communicated to City leadership by residents via multiple meetings, forums, and opinion gathering efforts. 

How long is the contract with Frontier Waste Solutions?
The new waste collection contract with Frontier Waste Solutions is set for a term of seven years to help provide continuity and consistency in waste collection services. A contract of this length also helps mitigate potential price fluctuations in the industry.

How much will the new trash service cost on my utility bill?
The new price for trash service per month will be $16.73. That will be an increase on your utility bill of just over $3 per month, or about $36 annually. This new price will go into effect on your May utility bill.

Why did the trash prices go up with this new contract?
The increase in your monthly trash price was not caused by any one factor or service (such as curbside recycling). Costs in the waste collection industry have risen across the board in recent years. One important distinction is that all proposals received by the City during the bidding period were higher than current prices. No matter what provider was selected and what style of service was chosen, the price of trash was going up. This is happening due to a number of complex issues across the waste collection industry. Due to landfills filling up, trash is having to be driven further to be disposed of. This means higher fuel and labor costs. With multiple landfills in the north Texas region scheduled to be closed in the coming years, this is a cost that could get even higher. Equipment costs have increased as have environmental fees and bulk waste costs. Changes in the recycling market have drastically reduced how much waste collection companies can use recycling to offset other costs. City leadership spent eight months going through the process of soliciting proposals, meeting with potential waste vendors, and seeking input from residents and stakeholders to find the best value waste collection contract that provided a high quality service for the community.

Who authorized the new trash service?
City Council approved the new waste collection contract with Frontier Waste Solutions on December 6, 2022.


How do I download the trash app?
Go into your app store and search “Frontier Waste Solutions” on your mobile device, and you’ll be able to download the free app. As we move closer to the contract beginning with Frontier Waste, functionality for the White Settlement area will be added into the app.

How do the truck cameras work?
Each Frontier Waste Solutions trash truck is equipped with a camera system that records the trash collection process from multiple angles. This allows Frontier to promptly address any issues that may arise by going directly to the footage and being able to see exactly what happened in any situation.


How do I know if an item is recyclable?
The basic list of recyclable items includes: Cardboard · Boxboard (Beverage Boxes, Frozen Food Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Milk Containers) · Newspaper · Junk Mail, Envelopes, Magazines, Brochures, File Folders · Plastic Containers identified with #1 , #2, #3 , #5 , #7 · Glass bottles and jars colored Amber, Clear, Green · Aluminum Beverage Cans · Steel and Tin Food Cans. Do your best to make sure these items are clean and dry for collection.

Can I refuse the recycling cart if I plan to not recycle?
Yes, you can decline taking a recycling cart. Please note, the $16.73 charge on your utility bill for waste collection services is a set minimum cost and will not change if you take this action.

Will apartment complexes get recycling carts?
No, in most cases if you live in an apartment you will not have individual recycling carts. You can continue to utilize the recycling drop off station at 8212 Albert Street and/or take advantage of any recycling options offered by your apartment property management.

Do I have to rinse out bottles/containers before putting them in my recycling cart?
Frontier Waste suggests that you do your best to make sure that any items in your recycling cart are clean and dry for collection.

Why is it important to only put items that can be recycled in the recycling cart?
When non-recyclable items get mixed in with the recyclables it can cause many problems. After these non-recyclable items make their way to the recycling center, they can cause costly damage to the sorting equipment. In addition, time must be spent sorting the non-recyclable items out and sending them to landfills, which slows down and raises the overall cost of the recycling process.

Do I need to remove the labels from containers before recycling them?
No, it’s not required that labels be removed from containers you are putting in the recycling cart. However, removing labels can improve the overall quality of the recycled materials, so if you can get labels off it is helpful to do so.

Can I recycle pizza boxes?
Yes, in most cases it’s fine to put pizza boxes in your recycling cart. However, in situations when the boxes are badly soaked with grease or have a large amount of food residue on them, it may be best to throw them in the trash instead.

Can I recycle plastic grocery bags in my recycling cart?
No, plastic grocery bags undergo a different recycling process than other materials and therefore can’t be included in your recycling cart. Many grocery stores have a place for you to recycle used plastic grocery bags. Utilizing reusable grocery bags is a great alternative to using plastic grocery bags.

Can I recycle aluminum foil? 
Yes, aluminum foil is recyclable if it's free of food residue. Much like pizza boxes and other food containers, recyclables that contain food residue can contaminate the recycling and need to be thrown away instead of recycled.

Can I put clothes or shoes in my recycling cart?
No, clothes and shoes can’t be included in your recycling cart. Textiles such as clothes and shoes undergo a different recycling process. If you’re interested in getting rid of clothes or shoes, consider donating to a local charitable organization or researching textile recycling options.

Can I recycle diapers?
No, used diapers cannot be placed in your recycling cart, they need to be thrown in the trash. An environmentally friendly solution is to make the change to cloth diapers that can be washed and reused. 

Will the recycling drop off station at 8212 Albert St stay in operation?
Yes, the recycling drop off station will remain open. Frontier Waste Solutions will install a new style of receptacle at the location which will cut down on bulk items being added into the recycling and after hours dumping. The recycling drop off station will also continue to be the hub for community recycling programs such as the holiday grease roundup and the Christmas tree drop off.

Where do I place my recycling cart? 
Your trash and recycling will be picked up on the same day each week. Your recycling cart should be placed beside your trash cart with at least three feet of distance between them. Be sure that your carts are free of obstructions on all sides (not too close to mailbox/fence, no overhanging limbs or wires, no cars parked in front of them on the street) and they are facing the correct direction (wheels toward house). 

Is there a resource that visually shows what can and can’t be recycled? 
The website is a great resource for learning more about recycling. If you navigate to it shows a great visual list of what is and isn’t allowed to be included in curbside recycling. 

Can I put electronics in the recycling cart?
No, most electronics require a special recycling service and cannot be included in your recycling cart. The City holds an electronics recycling event once a year or you can search for electronics recycling companies in your area.


Why did bulk go to every other month pickup in this new contract?
Many factors contributed to the change to every other month bulk pickup. The leading factor was the feedback communicated to City leadership by residents via multiple meetings, forums, and opinion gathering efforts. This feedback showed that many residents didn’t use bulk service at all and that the vast majority of those who did utilized it three times or fewer per calendar year. This feedback was weighed heavily when considering the costly nature of bulk pickup services. Another major factor was feedback directly from waste collection vendors, many of whom didn’t even offer monthly bulk pickup options in their proposals to the City. With across the board cost increases in all proposed contracts, the frequency of bulk pickup was reduced to keep the price increase as low as possible for residents and to best align with feedback from the waste collection vendors.

Will the monthly Community Cleanup bulk drop off events continue?
Yes, these monthly bulk drop off events will continue to be held for those residents who have additional bulky items/limbs and brush to dispose of. These events will still be for residents only. Stay tuned for exact time and dates.

What can I include in my bulk pile? 
Limbs, brush, and bulky items too large for your trash cart such as furniture and appliances can all be included in your bulk pile. You can also utilize your bulk pile to get rid of yard waste such as leaves or grass clippings (although mulching them is a better option), but you must make sure any yard waste is in a clear bag or a bag that is easily identifiable as yard waste.

What items are not allowed in my bulk pile?
The list of items that aren’t allowed in bulk will remain largely unchanged. Electronics, tires, household hazardous waste, construction debris and appliances with refrigerant in them cannot be included in your bulk pile.

Where should my bulk pile be located?
It’s important to make sure your bulk pile is located along your curb line in an area that is free of obstructions. This includes obstructions to the sides and above the bulk pile, as a claw truck is utilized that grabs the bulk pile from above. Common obstructions to avoid are parked cars, overhanging limbs/wires, mailboxes, and fences. 

Can my bulk pile include trash/garbage?
No, regular trash should not be included in your bulk pile. Trash/garbage bags will not be picked up if they are included in the bulk pile. If placing bagged leaves or grass clippings in your bulk pile, you must make sure it is in a clear bag or a bag that is easily identifiable as yard waste or it will not be picked up. 

How large is a 7 cubic yards bulk pile?
The best way to visualize 7 cubic yards is to consider that an average sized stove or washing machine is about 1 cubic yards in size. In total, a standard rectangular shaped bulk pile should roughly be 8 feet long, 6 feet deep, and no more than 4 feet tall. This will still allow enough room to get rid of standard sized couches, mattresses, appliances, limbs/brush, or any other bulk items you may have generated during normal housekeeping activities.

What do I do with my excess bulk?
When you have excess bulk there are several things you can do to get rid of it. The monthly community cleanup bulk dropoff events will continue once the new waste collection contract begins. This is a great option for anyone who may need to dispose of extra bulk between curbside bulk pickups. If your bulk pile includes furniture you can consider donating or selling it, as getting rid of furniture this way gets rid of the need to put it in your bulk pile. Lastly, one of the options that Frontier Waste Solutions will provide is an additional bulk pickup for a resident. It’s important to remember that this additional pickup will have a fee that you’ll pay directly to Frontier, but if you’ve got extra bulk, it’s a great option to have.

When can I place out my bulk pile?
The placement period for bulk piles will remain unchanged under the new contract. Bulk piles can be placed curbside for service no earlier than 48 hours prior to the first day of their respective bulk collection period and not later than 7:00 a.m. of the first day of their respective collection period. Any bulk piles placed outside of this timeframe will be in violation.

Can I include bundles of limbs in my bulk pile?
Yes, you can bundle limbs to maximize space in your bulk pile. Bundles should be no more than 3 feet in length and should weigh less than 35 pounds.

How do I request an extra bulk pickup?
To request an additional bulk pickup, contact Frontier Waste Solutions directly by calling (888)854-2905. 

How do I pay for an extra bulk pickup?
The price for extra bulk pickups is $15 per cubic yard. Additional bulk pickups are arranged directly with Frontier Waste Solutions and any payment for these pickups will be made directly to Frontier. For more information, call the Frontier Waste Solutions customer service team at (888)854-2905.

Where can I buy clear garbage bags that can be used to set out lawn clippings and leaves with my bulk pile?
Clear garbage bags are available at most hardware retailers such as Lowe’s and Home Depot and can be purchased from online retailers like and They are often labeled as recycling bags or lawn and leaf bags.

How are the bulk routes set up? 
Frontier has divided the city into 8 zones for bulk pickup, with each zone containing about 600 stops. A bulk truck will be in the city each week picking up one of the zones. Route maps will be rolled out next month so be on the lookout for them soon.

Are there any restrictions on how big limbs can be in my bulk pile?
Limbs should be cut to 3 feet in length and no single limb should exceed 35 pounds or be larger than six inches in diameter.


What happens to individuals who consistently put non-recyclables in their recycling cart?
Each cart is assigned specifically to an address and using the truck camera technology Frontier Waste Solutions can identify exactly what address may be consistently placing non-recyclables and contaminants into their recycling. When this becomes an issue, the individual will be contacted so they can bring their use of the recycling cart into compliance with the recycling guidelines.

Why is it such a big deal if the lid on my cart isn’t closed all the way?
Carts are great at keeping out wildlife and the elements, two benefits that don’t quite work if the lids aren’t closed. Overfilled carts also may not empty correctly when being picked up. These are some of the main reasons why it’s important to make sure the lids are closed on your carts each time they’re set out. 

Will there be a fine/punishment for those who don’t follow the new cart/bulk rules?
The City understands that the new waste collection service is introducing some major changes to how waste collection works. This is a new system that we are all learning together. We will employ a common sense approach to managing any issues that arise and will work to help everyone adapt to the new service. As always, the goal is to help residents learn, understand, and ultimately comply with the rules and regulations.