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Leak Adjustment Application

  1. Ordinance 2229-03 provides that a customer may apply for an adjustment of their water bill because of a significant increase in water consumption that can be proven to be the result of a leak past the water meter in the water line serving the service address. This form is provided for customers applying for water leak adjustments only. The information obtained from the customer shall be attested by the customer’s signature. Proof of leak (receipt copies and/or pictures of damaged parts and/or pipe(s)) shall be attached to this form. 

    An adjustment to water and sewer charges because of leaks shall be made only once in a twelve (12) month period and shall not be for more than two (2) consecutive billing periods where the thirty-three percent (33%) or more increase in consumption occurs. 

    Only residential single family or multi-family accounts with separate meters are eligible.

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