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Saddle Hills Disc Golf Park


  1. 18 Hole Disc Golf Course
  2. Bench Seating Areas
  3. Disc Golf Course
  4. Hike-n-Bike Trails
  5. Parking
  6. Picnic Areas
  7. Trash Receptacles
Saddle Hills Park – is a unique 28 acre neighborhood park, located at 501 Saddle Hills Road.  The park was originally built and dedicated with grant funds in 1982, and was renovated in 2009 to include an 18 hole disc golf course and drainage improvements.  The northern end of the park serves as a practice area for a variety of youth sports teams, and could provide additional pedestrian pathways and park facilities in the future.

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Currently the park has the following amenities:

-          3 Picnic Tables                                                            -     2 Asphalt Parking Areas

-          2 Charcoal Grills                                                          -     4 Practice Backstop Areas

-          Pedestrian Walkway and Sidewalk                        -     Trash Receptacles

-          18 Hole Disc Golf Course                                         -     Bench Seating Areas

-          1 Practice Hole/Pin                                              -      Park Entrance Signage

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