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Buzz Fence Dog Park

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  1. Bench Seating Areas
  2. Parking
  3. Pet Waste Dispensers
  4. Separate enclosed/gated large & small play areas
  5. Shaded Pavilion
  6. Trash Receptacles
  7. Water available
Cherry Lane Park – is the new location of the Buzz Fence Dog Park, located at 320 N. Cherry Lane.  The dog park and amenities were constructed in the summer of 2014 with donated funds and volunteer help from local Boy and Girl Scout troops, church groups and individuals.  Cherry Lane Park is a 3.87 acre tract and is classified as a neighborhood park.  The park  includes the following amenities:

-          Large Dog Area Fenced with Play Equipment

-          Small dog Area Fenced with Play Equipment

-          Shade Structures

-          4 Bench seating Areas

-          Trash Receptacles

-          Pet Waste Bag Dispensers

-          Animal Water Stations

-          Park Entrance Signage

-          Landscaping

-          Asphalt Parking Area

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