How do I renew my materials?

As of April 1, 2019, items that are eligible for renewal will be automatically renewed on the day they are due. Items are eligible for renewal if: 

  • They have not already been renewed once, &
  • They are not on reserve for another patron.

There are three other ways to renew materials:

  • Bring them into the library. You must have the items with you to renew this way. As long as there are no reserves on the items, there is no limit to how many times you can bring materials in to renew them.
  • Log on to your catalog account here. Click “My Account” and then “Items Out/Renewals”. From there you can renew any item that is eligible to be renewed. If the item was successfully renewed, the “Renew” button to the right of the item will change to text that reads “Successfully renewed”. It may take a moment, especially if you are renewing multiple items at once, but don’t navigate away from the page before you see “Successfully renewed” beside each item you’re renewing.
  • Use our automated texting service. Using the cellphone number we have on file for you, text the words “Renew all” or “Renew due” to 817-678-8062. You should immediately get an automated reply with your new due date. If you do not get this automated reply, the renewal did not go through. Give it a few minutes and try again. If it still isn’t working, you can try renewing online.

Renewal dates are from the date renewed, not from the date material is due.

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