Why can't I log in?

There are a handful of reasons you may be having trouble logging in:

  1. You have previously changed your password from your phone number to a secure password. Once you've changed your password, it will not let you log in with your phone number anymore. If you've forgotten your secure password, give us a call at 817-367-0166 and we can reset your password to the phone number we have on file for you.
  2. You are using a new phone number. If you haven't updated your phone number with us, your password will still be your old phone number. Next time you come into the library you can update your information with us; in the meantime just use your old phone number to log in.
  3. There is a typo in your account on our end. If this is the first time you are logging on and it's telling you that your login has failed, give us a call at 817-367-0166. We will double check your application against your account, and if the phone numbers don't match we'll update it so that you can log in.
  4. You are trying to log in to a family member's account with the wrong phone number. If you keep your family's cards together, double check that you matching each card with the correct phone number.

If none of these apply to you but you are still having trouble logging in, give us a call at 817-367-0166 and we'll try to resolve the issue on our end.

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