Trash Services

Weekly Trash Pick-Up

The City of White Settlement enjoys twice-weekly curbside trash pick-up. If you live south of White Settlement Road, your trash pick-up days are Monday and Thursday. If you live north of White Settlement Road, your trash pick-up days are Tuesday and Friday. If you live on White Settlement Road, please call our customer service department at 817-246-4971 and they will assist you in determining your trash pick-up days. If your regularly scheduled trash day passes and your trash is not picked up, please call our waste collection company directly at 817-222-2221 and let them know your address and that your trash was not picked up. 

Bulk Trash Week

Bulk trash runs during the second full week of each month. You can begin placing your bulk trash piles at 7 pm on the Friday evening before bulk trash week begins and the pile must be in place by 7 am on the Monday morning when bulk trash week begins. Your pile must fit within the following guidelines. If it does not, it may not be picked up and you will be responsible for paying to have it picked up or removing it from your curb. 

  • Keep the size of your pile to 10 cubic yards (8 ft long x 6 ft wide x 6 ft tall) or roughly the size of a VW Beetle
  • Place your pile clear of low-hanging limbs, wires, mailboxes, parked cars, fences or any other obstructions
  • No items generated from other locations 
  • No hazardous materials, tires, electronics, or appliances with coolant or gas 
  • Pile must be placed at an address with an active water account to be picked up  

If your pile is not picked up after bulk trash week is over, please reinspect it to be certain that it meets all of the above guidelines. If it does, please call our waste collection company directly at 817-222-2221 and let them know your address and that you still need your bulk trash to be picked up.

Recycling Options

The City of White Settlement operates a Recycling Drop-off Station for residents. The Recycling Station is located at 8212 Albert Street and is under video surveillance. For a list of what we do and do not accept at the recycling station, please reference the table below. 

broken down boxesnon-broken down boxes
sorted items in paper bags onlyliquids
paperpaint cans
magazinesaerosol cans
aluminum containers (emptied and rinsed)aluminum foil
glass containers (emptied and rinsed)sorted items in plastic bags or boxes
plastic containers (emptied and rinsed)packing materials (styrofoam, bubble wrap, foam, etc)
steel containers (emptied and rinsed)plastic #6 (toys, cosmetic bags, CD cases, etc.)

containers with food material or grease

Grease/Cooking Oil Recycling

Also at our Recycling Drop-off Station at 8212 Albert Street is a grease/cooking oil recycling bin. Grease and cooking oil clog up pipes and can cause costly issues when not disposed of properly so now you can bring all of your household grease and cooking oil to the Recycling Station for safe disposal. All the grease/cooking oil that is recycled here gets turned into biodiesel fuel.

Simple Recycling

Simple Recycling offers free curbside textile recycling for White Settlement residents. To learn how to participate go to