Property Tax

Section 102.005, of the Local Government Code, requires that the following notice be posted with the City’s Proposed Budget:

This budget will raise more revenue from property taxes than last year's budget by an amount of $928,585, which is an 14.05 percent increase from last year's budget. The property tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year is $303,221.

Tax Rate

Property Tax Rate: $0.746200 per $100 of valuation

2020 prop tax chart

Note: All taxes are per $100 of taxable value. For property tax rates in other jurisdictions, refer to the Tarrant County Appraisal District.

prop tax chart 1

prop tax chart 2


City of White Settlement Exemptions



Disabled Person (DP)




Freeze / Ceiling


Goods In Transit (GIT)




Over-65 (O65)



Properties located within the City are appraised by the Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD). Some important dates and deadlines to remember during the tax year are:

  • April 30: Last day to file an exemption application at Tarrant Appraisal District.
  • May 31: Last day to file a protest with TAD for the current year.
  • July 25: The Chief Appraiser certifies the appraisal roll to the taxing units
  • July 31: This is the last day to make final payment on a payment plan.
  • September 30: All tax rates must be set by taxing units.

To appeal the appraisal of a property, search property appraisal values, make an application for an exemption/deferral, or inquire about other appraisal-related items, please contact: 

Tarrant Appraisal District
2500 Handley-Ederville Road
Fort Worth, TX 76118


In October, annual property tax statements are mailed out by the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector. The  Tarrant County Tax Office handles property tax billings and collections on behalf of the City. Some important dates and deadlines to keep in mind are:

  • October 1: The current collection period begins. Tax statements are mailed on or as soon as possible thereafter this date, throughout the county to real and personal property owners.
  • February 1: Penalty and interest charges begin to accrue on taxes for the preceding year. Penalty begins at 6% and increases monthly to a maximum of 12% in July. Interest begins to accrue at the rate of 1% per month until the account is paid in full.
  • July 1: All delinquent accounts for the current year are turned over to the tax attorneys for collection. A collection penalty of 15% of the total unpaid balance is added to the current delinquent accounts.

You may pay your taxes, search property tax accounts, estimate taxes, and renew automobile registration by contacting:

Tarrant County Tax Office (Tax Assessor-Collector)
100 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196 
817- 884-1100